Glucophage 850 or 500: correct treatment for excessive blood sugar levels

buy glucophage onlineGlucophage is an antidiabetic drug which can be used alone or in combination with other antidiabetic drugs to help your body lower increased sugar levels in your blood and to assist your body to digest food properly and make energy of it. The drug is administered to patients with a diagnosis of diabetes II type. The disease causes the pancreas to produce insulin which is potentially unable to deliver sugar into the cells of tissues in which it should work properly. Glucophage 850 can be used either with or without insulin to effectively control and in case of necessity decrease levels of excessive sugar in your blood.

In most cases patients with diabetes II are able to effectively control and normalize blood sugar levels with proper dieting and regime of food intake as well as with proper exercising of the body (nutrition and workouts are two essential conditions for a body to produce energy properly). For sick people with diabetes exercising and strict control of nutrition (what you eat, in what quantities you get the nutrients and how frequently your body gets the next portion of the vitally important nutrients) are of ultimate importance. Any violation of this regime may lead to severe consequences as rapid jumps of sugar levels in the blood which can be critical for your health. Following this regime is of ultimate importance even if you are getting proper treatment as prescribed Glucophage 850.

To make the disease treatment effective the sugar control medicine should be well balanced with the type and quantity of food you consume as well as with the time of physical exercising you are doing regularly. Any changes of the lifestyle in patients with diabetes II will lead to rapid changes of sugar levels in your blood. That is why people must control their lives to feel well. Diabetic people need to constantly monitor the sugar in the blood to decide upon the dosages of Glucophage. Your consulting health care provider will instruct you on how to correctly measure the level of sugar in the blood, how to interpret the results of the test and which dosage of the drug (Glucophage 500 or 850) to administer in each case.

The drug does not work for the cases of insulin-resistant diabetes of the disease of type I as these types of diabetes disease are caused with complete inability of pancreas gland to produce insulin. These patients commonly administered to get glucose level normalized with insulin injections.

The treatment of diabetic disease in general and the control and normalize of the sugar in the blood is a very complex process. You can not choose the drugs on your own. If you want to buy Glucophage online and to try this medicine for treatment, control and normalizing of your conditions then it is recommended to consult your doctor and to find out whether the medicine will be right for you.

Glucophage 850Glucophage is metformin which is available under many other brand names as Fortamet, Riomet, Glumetza. You may consider these medicines as well if you are prescribed Glucophage 850 or 500. Be careful and buy the drug with the same concentration of metformin as your doctor prescribes you.

The drug is available only by prescription. It is used for control and normalization of blood sugar levels and in some cases is administered to patients with probable or diagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome. You can choose either pills or solution. Talk to your consulting doctor which form is more appropriate in your specific case. However you must know that solutions are easier absorbed in the stomach and are faster penetrating the blood.

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How to use Glucophage in various risk groups of patients

Glucophage 500 or 850 is a forced solution for patients who are unable to produce proper insulin on their own. Still there are patients who can not take drugs as prescribed or needed and must take every pill with caution. These are allergic patients, kids, pregnant and breast feeding women. Another group of patient who need extra caution with drugs is geriatric patients.

Glucophage in patients with allergies

Unfortunately as diabetes so allergy are incurable conditions, thus allergic patients with diabetes must manage the treatment of both conditions considerably. As Glucophage 850 or 500 must not be taken on your own, then you must report all your allergic responses to your doctor. Warn your consulting health care provider if you have ever presented an allergic response to ANY specific type of medicine. Also list the cases of allergic or potentially allergic reactions to foods and drinks (as specific diet will be developed for you on a life long basis; that is why telling your doctor about allergies to some specific products or group of products and drinks is essential for your future health, condition and treatment), care products, environmental triggers.

Glucophage in kids

Glucophage is approved for using in kids with diabetes II. The numerous studies have not revealed any age specific conditions which can be contraindications for treatment with this drug. However never start treatment with the drug without consulting a pediatrician. But mind that Glucophage 850 is not for use in children younger than 10 years old. A doctor may take another decision and may prescribe a kid this drug after evaluating of all the goods and risks which the treatment with the drug in this individual patient.

Glucophage and aged people

The key problem of treating geriatric patients is that age and lifestyle have damaged organs, vessels, heart, kidneys and liver. Though worn out vessels, heart, liver and kidneys should not present any limitations to the treatment with Glucophage still additional caution is required. Commonly aged people require dosage management and stricter control of as treatment goes. Patients with kidney dysfunction require special caution as well. Elderly patients after 80 years old must be administered alternative treatments as their kidneys are expected to fail cope with this drug.

Glucophage 500 and pregnancy

Women with diabetes should practice extreme care when planning and getting pregnant. It is strictly recommended to be under medical supervision during pregnancy planning. Pregnancy is a very hard tolerable though natural period of life of women. However patients with diabetes II will experience certain problems with health. For example, during pregnancy woman should eat well to let fetus grow properly. But diabetes II limits the nutrition sufficiently. If a woman with diabetes of the II type gets pregnant, then the condition should be immediately reported to a health care provider to get corrections for life style, nutrition, exercising and treatment. Glucophage 850 is safe for pregnant women, but needs constant monitoring. The drug belongs to the group B medicines which pose no risks either for a woman so for a fetus.

Breastfeeding is another condition a woman should discuss with a doctor. The drug poses minimal to no risks for a baby.

Which conditions are contraindications to use of Glucophage?

Unfortunately some physical conditions limit the intake and treatment of Glucophage. You must report your doctor if you have one or few of the next conditions:

  • alcohol abuse
  • deficiency of adrenal or brain pituitary or both of the glands
  • anorexia or undernutrition as well as dehydration
  • excessive weakness
  • anemia
  • kidney or liver deficiency or both
  • infections
  • various inflammatory processes
  • traumas and recent surgeries
  • sepsis

If you acquire one of these conditions during diabetic syndrome treatment with Glucophage you must report the condition to your consulting doctor as soon as possible. Your health care provider will correct your treatment.

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How to take Glucophage 500 properly?

On opening the box of drug you will find a patient information leaflet. The information in the leaflet may contradict what your doctor has prescribed you. We must warn you that the patient information leaflet contains only general information on the drug, while your doctor evaluates your condition, overall health state and specific precautions.

Mind that during treatment you must follow the recommendations for specific nutrition your doctor gave you as proper nutrition determines the success of your treatment and overall curing control and reducing of the sugar in your blood. For successful treatment and effective control of your disease conditions you need to follow the next conditions:

  • proper working out
  • regular testing of sugar in your body or urine you produce as your consulting doctor will teach you

Glucophage OnlineBuy Glucophage online only in concentration your health care provider has prescribed you. Take a dosage of Glucophage 500 or 850 with meals. Such intake will help you to eliminate or minimize the chances for common side effects which may occur on the part of your digestive system which can be present during the first period (14-21 days) of treatment with the drug and which are considered to be a variation of norm as your body adjusts to averagely normal level of sugar in the blood.

A pill of the drug must not be crashed or split or divided in any way. A pill should be taken with a glass of water. Do not take the pills with juice, milk or any other drink.

Another warning for you for proper treatment is taking only pills or oral liquid of the drug only of a brand your health care provider has prescribed you. If you consider to buy Glucophage online and find another brand medicines which are complete alternatives or substitutes of the drug, then discuss your choice with your doctor. The matter is that drugs of different brands may present slightly different mechanisms of action. That is why it is of ultimate importance to consider the brand of the drug you are going to buy and take.

When will I notice the effect of the drug?

As all cases and all patients are different then the positive effect of the treatment will be present in different intervals of time. Some patients report positive effects of the treatment during the first or second week of the treatment with Glucophage 850. However some patients are waiting for the effect of the drug for over a month. Numerous cases tracked during studies prove that real improvement of the conditions caused with excessive sugar blood levels is reached after 8-12 weeks of regular treatment.

Your consulting doctor will estimate an optimum dosage of Glucophage. If you migrate from other medicine you used previously to control and normalize your sugar blood level, then you will get an average dosage. However if it is your first case of treatment you will most likely be administered and prescribed Glucophage 850. When you will feel positive effect of treatment with maximum dosage of the drug, then your doctor will reduce your dosage to an average one – Glucophage 500.

A dosage is taken once a day usually with the evening meal.

You must discuss the dosage of the drug for a kid with a doctor. The pediatrician will decide upon the dosage considering the levels of sugar in the blood, body weight of the kid, other conditions which may affect the treatment.

How Glucophage will change your lifestyle?

Patients who get treatment for control of blood sugar levels should regularly visit health care provider to get blood and urine tested. The results of the tests will indicate the efficiency and success of the treatment and will point to necessary corrections and changes of dosages.

You must warn other doctors (for example, surgeon, dentist or even cosmetician) that you have diabetes and take speciic medicine as Glucophage. Your family members should get learned how to provide medical help to you in case of anaphylaxis or severe side effects which are related and non-related to the treatment with Glucophage. Any medical help provided to patients should consider diabetes II treatment.

You must eliminate drinking alcohol as alcohol will result in critically low sugar levels in patient’s blood. Missed meals intake will also result in lowering of sugar in the blood thus you must strictly keep to the nutrition regime.

Hypoglycemia is a severe condition which presents the next symptoms:

  • rapid changes of mood
  • feeling as being severely drunk
  • cool and very pale skin
  • mental disorders
  • headache
  • uncontrollable hunger
  • anxiety and nervousness
  • insomnia and sleeping disorders
  • unusual tiredness and weakness

If you notice these disease specific conditions you must take a dosage of glucose with foods or drinks. This can be a cube of sugar, fruit fresh juice, any syrup, and any meal with high content of sugar. This can even be a spoon of sugar.